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Jig of Life

With Jig of Life, Brocelïande have now completed their cycle of seasonally-themed CDs; this one focuses on songs of the summertime. Using their impeccable ear for great traditional song, they cover many centuries in one album ... All is done with such panache that you could wish the group would begin another round of seasonals! Meanwhile, liven up your summer -- and party like it's 1599!
--Crow and Wolf Music

What can we say . . . best album yet. Beautiful shiny. We both are loving it. Thank you and all the gang. Are you playing at PantheaCon '07 this next year? We all loved the group's performance 2 years ago. Pleeease?
--Blessed B's, D & B

...Your sound is phenomenal. Each of you has vocal intonation that exceeds perfection (in MY book). And the instrumentation. . . well, words cannot describe how excellent you are.

I'm delighted and amazed that my sister was tuned in to MY musical senses enough to send "you" to me. "Sumer is Icumen In" is one of the rounds I taught my middle school choir oh-so-many years ago. With the help of your Jig CD, I shall teach it to my 5th graders in Grand Prairie, Texas this year.
Yours truly, S.B.

Congratulations on another fine album!. . . Jig of Life contains a couple of my old favorites that I used to sing ("Wild Mountain Thyme", "Star of the County Down"), and I like your arrangements very much. I also like your inclusion and presentation of Scandinavian music.

"Rosebuds in June" is particularly appealing, and Karl's voice sounds perfect on it. And Kris, your voice has developed beautifully, and it seems like you really come into your own vocally on this album with your picture on it: very appropriate! And it is a great photo of you, as well.

This summer I have sent Jig of Life to Sweden, Portugal, and Port Townsend, Washington. Barley Rigs went to Grant's Pass, Oregon, and Sir Christemas went to Sweden. I can't think of nicer gifts from this part of the world to send, give, or take to friends.
Love, Annie.


Jig of Life

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