Celtic and Early Music Ensemble

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If you would like to book Brocelïande for a performance, please contact Margaret at: (510) 569-0437 or We have promotional kits available for coordinators and bookers.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Broceliande can be booked for clubs and concert series, house concerts, corporate functions, weddings and events.

"I just finished listening to your group's cd. What an unexpected surprise to hear quality coupled with such unbridled enthusiasm and musicality. And the concoction of instruments was so 'authentic' sounding. What a delight. I have found the other cds on Amazon and ordered them all. Next I plan on disseminating my favorites to my friends. Hmm, now I'll have to find out if you are on YouTube."--Anne
"Okay, so I finally dragged my can out to a concert last Saturday night (at St. Alban's Church). It was the CD release party (their fourth disc, I think) for a group called Brocelïande , which dubs itself as Celtic and Early Music. Didn't know what to expect but hoped to hear a few trad tunes. What I heard was one of the most talented four musicians I have ever seen, in terms of versatility, quality of arrangements, musical feel etc. Two women, two men all wonderful singers, very much in tune ... Their repertoire is fairly incredible. At times, they all stood up and sang a few a cappella madrigals, perfectly. Other tunes included Burgundian branles, Spanish Cantigas, old Gaelic tunes and just a wide variety of music from Medieval and Renaissance days and even an original tune ...They are hard to define but ultra artistic. If they come into your town, I urge you to hear them. They are masters of musical art and originality..."
--Chiff & Fipple
"Hi, just a note to say THANK YOU for making our wedding music PERFECT!! It was sooo immeasurably cool to have you all perform -- we've had tons of compliments to pass on to you! Also, a special thanks for allowing me to sing with you. We will remember your concert forever. Please stay in touch. Love,"
--Gen & Chris

"Brocelïande 's visit to Sacred Heart Prep allowed our junior British Lit students a truly magical aural journey into Celtic and British worlds of the past. The combination of Brocelïande 's artistry and informed commentary provided us all with an enjoyable and educational hour and a half."
--Connie Solari, English Department, Academic Dean

"Reminiscent of music from times past, hearkening to an era of chivalry and nobility. Brocelïande combines the past with the future with the artistry of four of the finest musicians on the west coast. It is truly a delight to hear their classical arrangements and contemporary expressions."
--Mark Cook, KKUP 91.5 FM


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For information
about bookings and promotional kits, call Margaret:
(510) 569-0437.

Contact Margaret: (510) 569-0437